Weekend Reading Vol. 1.13

Before you begin to think I’m a reading machine or that in fact, my reading lists are impossible to keep up with, I only finished The Changelings from last week. I’m a bit stuck with Illuminae (it’s just such a different approach to novels) and I’m taking my time with The Autoimmune Wellness Handbook.  However, I do tend to be sort of a reading machine. In fact, just the other night, I was curled up in bed reading as is my habit before bed, and my husband came in and told me I needed to slow down. I gave him quite the look and his response was that I’m always reading a different book. To which I replied, “I’m a reader. It’s what I do.”

If you missed my first what I’m reading post from last week, take a look for some recommendations and you’ll also find my manifesto behind reading (and teaching and just pretty much being a human being.) Stories are a part of my original design. I rarely go anywhere without a book in hand or purse, and honestly, I’ve read more books that I could ever keep track of. Reading is is my soul, and it’s something that nourishes me to no end.
*Side note, I’d love a job where I could read the day away. If anyone’s looking, I’m available.

Anyway, here’s what’s sitting around in my to-be-read pile this weekend. A few new books and some links as well!

Sting by Jude Watson

file_000-2So, I’m a sucker for heist stories. I think they’re one reason why I’m a writer. I can be a thief without actually getting in trouble.

Sting is the sequel to the fabulous Loot (as you can see from my well-loved classroom copy.) These books are about March and Jules McQuin, twins and you guessed it, thieves. Sort-of. They happened to fall into the family business and the great part about these books is not only are they fabulous heist stories, but each book revolves around some sort of cursed mark. I’m obsessed with Sting right now and cannot put it down!

Food, Freedom, Forever by Melissa Hartwig

file_003-1So, if you caught my recipe post yesterday you might have noticed I mentioned we’re on our third round of the Whole 30. The foodie in me is feeling good here on day eleven, but as with our past two times, it’s not the first 30 days that get me. It’s the reintegration process.

Which is why I am SO excited to be reading Melissa Hartwig’s newest book around the Whole30. She details why the reintegration process is so important but also basically lays it all out there why food freedom is SO MUCH MORE than a diet. If you’ve ever struggled with guilt, anxiety, or bad habits  around food (as the subtitle says) this is a must read!

The Nesting Place by Myquillyn Smith

file_005-1I’ve known about this book since it was published, but now that we’ve been in our house for awhile I’m SO ready to make it our own. But on our budget. The Nesting Place is more than just a decorating book for real people–it’s a book that teaches us how to embrace the natural imperfections and find beauty in them everyday.  (But it also has some gorgeous and inspiring decorating pictures and tips!)

If you don’t really have a decorating bone in your body like myself, or just need permission to let go of the imperfections around your house, I highly recommend picking up this read!

I also snuck in a quick read of a great new middle grade graphic novel called Nightmare Escape (Dream Jumper #1) last weekend.  If your kids like the Amulet series or Hilo series then have them check this one out. (If you have no idea what those two series are, then you MUST check them out too.) Nightmare Escapes is about this kid named Ben who discovers he can jump into dreams and nightmares. After awhile, he notices his friends falling prey to an evil nightmare monster, and it’s up to him to save them! It’s a vibrant book with some great themes.

Onto some blogs and articles…(because lists.)

  • If you’re ever looking for book recommendations at least in the kids, teen, or sci-fi/fantasy area, the Barnes and Noble blogs have it covered. I LOVE their blogs for recommendations and releases. (Linked to each of them for you as well as BNReads!)ae
  • I’m looking forward to checking out “21 Fantasy debuts we can’t wait to read in 2017” and adding some great reads to my list this year.
  • I also frequently visit Alexandra Ellis’ site for some nerdy anatomy stuff. She’s the founder of AE Wellness and a Yoga Tune-up teacher who shares all sorts of tips, videos, and info on anatomy,  myofascial release, and self-care. She has a quick “How to Eat Healthy When You’re Super Busy” post that I think I’ll add to my browsing time this weekend.
  • Because it’s still the new year and sometimes we need to take a few weeks to reflect, I’m looking forward to Emily P. Freeman’s “3 Gentle Ways to Review Your Life

How about you? What’s on your bookshelf this weekend?






One thought on “Weekend Reading Vol. 1.13

  1. Thanks for the mention! and yay Whole30! I found Food Freedom a great read to help talk to others about why I choose to eat this way and it also gave me freedom to realize that eating stuff off plan wasn’t terrible – it was just a choice to be made. 🙂 I really can’t wait for something fried once this reset is over. I want to make that choice again LOL


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